Bow Ear Cuff

Am I the only one who has never heard of ear cuffs? Probably. But then I saw this pinned on Pinterest and I was in love! I debated for a while on whether or not to buy it, but then I decided to challenge myself and make it.
A quick online search lead me to this tutorial on how to make a basic ear cuff. After I had an understanding of how they worked I was able to create the bow. Here is the finished product-
I love it! I'm still getting used to it so I'm a little scared about it falling off, but it seems to be staying on really well. What do you guys think of it? Would you wear one?

I'm linking up to some of these parties.


Addicted to Pinterest

Like pretty much everyone else, I am addicted to Pinterest. Here is what I am loving this week-

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The Beauty Department

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Country Living

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Totally want to try this in January- Turn all of your hangers backwards on Jan 1st. As you wear things in your closet, hang them up as normal. After 6 months or a year, get rid of anything you haven't worn.
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Some Much Needed Inspiration

I haven't made any jewelry in a while due to a lack of motivation. Here are a few things that have inspired me today:

Modular Necklace- anthropologie

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Feather Earrings

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Beaded Fringe Necklace

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And how cute are both of these looks?!

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This picture makes me happy just looking at it:

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Design Your Look- Spring Edition

Jess LC is having a contest, and I entered it! You can check out all the details here.
Enter today. It ends tomorrow!
This is the look that I created:


Want a free necklace?

Who doesn't?
You can win the Raindrops On Roses necklace. Lane, at My Lovely Suitcase is hosting a giveaway. She's giving away 6 things!! She was nice enough to include me in the festivities.
Learn how to win it here. And while you are there, check out the rest of Lane's blog!


What I'm Lovin'

Here are a few things I am in love with today:

Isn't this just the greatest picture? I took this on a recent trip to California. I actually hate riding on this ferris wheel (it's really old and the buckets sway too much for me!) And I've never really been into this area because it's so old and stinky. But there is just something about this photo that I'm obsessed with.
Yeah, I wonder why I left California too.

How cute is this necklace?! And it's made with things I probably have at my house. Or could very easily pick up at Target. You can find the instructions here.

I've been craving a big juicy hamburger. Totally going to have one for dinner tonight!

Chuck is on tonight! Chuck and a hamburger? Tonight is gonna be good.